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Khader Mohiuddin's Resume


San Francisco, CA, USA Ÿ (650) 868 7497 Ÿ

SUMMARY Results-driven technology professional with over 15 years of progressive experience in product development and performance benchmarking specializing in databases and enterprise web applications. Effective individual contributor and team leader with track record of achieving several world record competitive benchmarks resulting in direct sales revenues. Stellar technology to business value translation capabilities.

SPECIALTIES Performance analysis and tuning at all tiers, Standard and customized competitive benchmarking, TCO analysis, Competitive benchmarking strategy, Servers and Storage Architectures, SaaS, Cloud computing, Project Management, People management, MySql, PostgreSQL, Oracle RAC, Data warehousing, Virtualization, Oracle Ebusiness, Siebel CRM, Peoplesoft, Oracle Retail, Business Intelligence Analytics, Enterprise solutions architect. Broad international experience having lived and worked in EMEA and APAC.


Sun Microsystems Inc. Menlo Park, CA

2006 – 2008 Senior Technical Architect, Market Development

§ Defined and prioritized a wide range of joint projects using Sun’s technologies (servers, storage, operating systems, middleware, virtualization, Identity management) with all of Oracle’s products ( Database, E-business suite, Siebel, JDE, Peoplesoft, Oracle Retail, Hyperion ) resulting in a strategic technical account plan.

§ Drove Oracle-Sun sales revenues with key customers by participating in sales cycle as the technical architect.

§ Developed strong relationships at all levels in various business units of Oracle, well known as trusted adviser for all Sun related queries and customer escalations

§ Directed a cross functional virtual team consisting of architects, sales engineers, performance and benchmarking experts, resulting in creation of effective solutions leading to increased sales of Oracle on the sun platform.

§ Successfully led the team to achieve several benchmark world records (SAP SD, OASB, TPC-H, SPECjAppServer, Peoplesoft), translated benchmark results into compelling sales tools and collateral to show Sun’s advantages.

§ Oracle RAC technology expert, conducted several partner and customer POC’s and developed best practice documents, for example Sun Reference Architecture for Oracle 11g Grid and Transitioning Oracle E-Business Suite to the Maximum Availability Architecture on the Solaris Operating System

§ Technical Architect for the Business Intelligence Data warehouse (BIDW) appliance, using Sun Servers and Oracle BI products. This was launched as part of the ‘Oracle Optimized Warehouse Initiative’

§ Developed an integrated solution using Oracle’s Application Integration Architecture (AIA) across Sun Java Access Manager, Directory server and Oracle’s Siebel CRM 8.0. This solution provided increased enterprise security with reduced admin costs. It was deployed at large customers like Swisscom.

§ Developed and reviewed product positioning collateral, created demand generation by presenting at major trade shows like Oracle Openworld, OAUG Collaborate.

2002 - 2006 Team lead - Staff Engineer, Market Development Engineering

§ Led a team of 8 engineers and managed about 30 projects concurrently in porting, benchmarking and certifications of Oracle db and Oracle applications on Sun platform. Utilized on-shore and off-shore teams appropriately resulting in accelerated products to market without additional headcount.

§ Improved Oracle Siebel applications performance on Sun platform by 200%, scaled from 1,000 to 12,000 concurrent users by tuning at all layers (application, middleware, database, OS, server, storage and network), translated best practices into a Sun blueprint ‘Optimizing Oracle's Siebel Applications on Sun Fire Servers with CoolThreads Technology’, put Sun in the lead for the Siebel PSPP standard benchmark for the first time in 3 years, resulted in sales revenue of $275MM.

§ Engineering lead for OASB, Peoplesoft, SPecjappserver benchmarking efforts. Wrote scripts to drive benchmark load and collect performance analysis metrics. Managed hardware lab and optimized efficiency for multiple projects.

§ Led weekly meetings with various product and performance groups at Oracle achieving roadmap and joint technology alignment.

§ Authored technical whitepapers, evangelized technologies by presenting at premier tradeshows like Oracle Openworld and Siebel Customer World.

§ Recognized with ‘Leadership Achievement Award’ and promotion

Oracle Corporation Redwood City, CA

1998 - 2001 Senior Performance Engineer, Server Technologies

Engineered several competitive standard benchmarks and customer benchmarks worldwide, proved Oracle’s superiority over Sybase, Informix, SQL server and Red brick to win customer deals. Authored whitepapers articulating best practices of tuning Oracle databases.

IMS Terabyte datawarehouse project , HP CPC labs, Cupertino, CA

§ Worked with IMS, Hewlett Packard engineers and Oracle development. Tasks included configuring terabyte of disk partitions, building the datawarehouse using Oracle8 Parallel Server, loading data, data modeling, snowflake and star schema, aggregation, running queries and tuning them for optimal performance.

§ The set up consisted of 1 terabyte of data hosted on a 32 CPU HP V class server with 5 terabyte of disk systems. The largest table consisted of 5.5 billion records partitioned 100 ways. Applied advanced DBA techniques like STAR schema, fact tables, partition-wise hash joins and partition elimination in the tuning process.

Oracle Intermedia Text Performance Engineering and Benchmarking, Oracle HQ.

§ Architected large scale Oracle text search optimization exercises at major e-commerce client sites like Ebay, Speigel (Hamburg,Germany)using XML data. Built performant Oracle databases specifically tuned for catalog data from Ebay. Proved Oracle’s superiority over competing databases.

§ Planned and executed the TReC VLC benchmark which is defined by the Text Retrieval Council (TReC) This involved building a Oracle8 database and loading 18 million text documents into it as LOBs. Validated algorithms and researched faster options with developers. This resulted in a 40% query throughput improvement and 10% indexing speed improvement for the Oracle text Intermedia product.

§ Presented findings to product managers, developers, field technical staff at internal Performance workshop.

§ Built a Performance regression suite for the Oracle Intermedia product which is used to continually track performance regressions between new releases of the product.

§ Reviewed the Oracle Intermedia text performance tuning manual.

SUN/Oracle/SAP Performance Eng. Project, Sun Large Scale Computing Center, Beaverton, Oregon

§ Worked in collaboration with SUN Starfire engineers and SAP Oracle development to achieve a World record SAP SD benchmark number.

§ Architected the SAP Oracle database for optimal performance. The client/server set-up was configured across 7, 64-CPU Starfire E10000 servers. Proved that the application scaled upto 14,400 concurrent users maintaining reasonable query response times.

§ Applied advanced tracing methods, analyzed performance metrics collected, detected and eliminated bottlenecks, provided valuable workload/profile feedback to Oracle Development.

Banxico, Bank of Mexico Datawarehouse Benchmark, Mexico City.

§ Provided onsite technical expertise in Datawarehouse architecture/tuning to the Oracle Mexico sales team.

§ Oracle database performed better than Redbrick and the client decided to implement the system with Oracle. Lead the effort of implementing backup and recovery mechanism.

SAP/ORACLE/NT Benchmark, Compaq Benchmarking labs, Houston, Texas

§ Planned and executed the SAP standard Sales and Distribution benchmark (defined by the SAP benchmarking council, Waldorf Germany).

§ The setup consisted of 14, 4-CPU compaq proliant NT servers, 13 running SAP R/3 and 1 Oracle database servers.

§ Provided Oracle RDBMS internals knowledge to team members consisting of Compaq and SAP engineers. Documented Oracle bugs/enhancements and worked with Oracle developer for fixes.

§ Defined best practices for ORACLE/SAP tuning/configuration and packaged a SAP/Oracle benchmarking suite for NT.

Telefonica, Spanish Telecom, Madrid, Spain

§ Telecom billing application built by Kenan Systems using Oracle database as backend.

§ Tuned the database and application SQL queries, produced a report for enhancing db access code which lead to a 20% improvement in performance.

§ Provided Oracle Internals expertise to team consisting of Kenan product development and Anderson consulting engineers.

Intelligent Networks Performance Projects, HP Performance Labs, Boeblingen, Germany

§ Engineered proof-of-concept solution using oracle database for Virtual Private network(VPN) application for the mobile telecom industry.

SAP R/3 and Oracle project, Bristol-Myers Squibb, New Jersey

§ Represented Oracle development and successfully analyzed, troubleshooted problems for this client on their Oracle8/SAP implementation on HP V class server. Worked in collaboration with Oracle SAP Center for Excellence,(Germany), Hewlett Packard and Oracle Account team (BMS).

1995 - 1997 Principal Consultant, Architecture and Performance, Oracle Services

100% percent customer facing job in a global consulting practice. Distributed data warehouse architecture and deployment, Oracle RAC, Oracle applications deployments, performance tuning, sizing and capacity planning, architecting high availability solutions, backup and restore strategies, replication design and deployment, managing groups of DBA’s at customer site and production support. Two key customer engagements worth noting among a total of 18 were AT&T WorldNet (Internet Service Provider) and AT&T CCS Financial Data warehouse, New Jersey. Recognized with ‘Top Performer Award’ and promotion for outstanding contributions during the fiscal year across the 300 member department.

AT&T WorldNet (ISP), New Jersey Architect

§ Internet Service Provided by AT&T. Eight Oracle database servers to store emails, web pages, account provisioning and registration data. Environment was Oracle 7.2.3 on SunSparc 2000 with OCI, Oraperl, CGI bin scripts.

§ Submitted Architecture proposals using advanced database application techniques, Replication, Backup (RMAN) and WebServer.

§ Audited the email databases in production and made recommendations for scalability, stability and performance.

§ Meticulously planned and implemented the proposed techniques with minimal downtime to production systems. Managed and mentored a team of DBA’s for regular dba activities.

Lucent Technologies, New Jersey Project Lead

§ Audited production database to plug performance bottlenecks, made recommendations and assisted Client DBA’s to implement them.

§ SQL/Application Performance Tuning, Set up SQL*Net and named Oracle listeners per Oracle instance.

AT&T Capital Corp, Dallas Technical Architect

§ Solved Oracle Multi-Threaded-Server implementation problem which was happening due to an IP address conflict on a multi-node server.

§ Implemented Hardware switchover mechanism using NCRs lifeKeeper package.

§ Built a generic Oracle base package bundle for NT clients to access database via SQL*NET/TCP.

AT&T MultiQuest/Clairemont Tech Group, San Jose Lead DBA

§ Capacity planning, database sizing, Performance tuning.

§ Configured optimal 200GB Oracle database on HP T500 server after setting up RAID.

§ Worked along side HP engineers to test and implement a Disaster Recovery solution using HP-service guard.

AT&T CCS Financial Data warehouse, New Jersey Datawarehouse DBA

§ Production DBA for a 150GB Oracle Data warehouse on NCR 3455/NT

§ Designed and implemented a mechanism for Disk space usage monitoring and measuring space usage in units of days and data.

§ Trained client DBA to execute hassle-free month-end batch jobs.

AT&T Business Operations Analysis, New Jersey Project Lead

§ Project lead for developing a Sales Contribution Reporting Application.

§ Gathered requirements, design and functional docs, coded and implemented.

§ Installed and configured 200GB Oracle Datawarehouse on NT using RAID storage. Setup windows clients using Microsoft access and ODBC.

§ Coded 3000 line PL/SQL procedures which provided forecast reports for the financial data after calculating revenue from various factors.

1994-1995 AT&T Bell Labs Middletown, NJ

Principal member of technical Staff

§ Developed a distributed OSS application catering to telecom trouble ticket processing, circuit testing, network alarms logging and on-demand processing

1992-1994 Verizon (Formerly NYNEX) New York, NY

Senior Software Engineer

§ Developed an API between Solaris and mainframe legacy system using Oracle database triggers, stored packages, dbms_pipes and Unix socket programming. Resulted in an optimized integration of two disparate systems leading to efficient business operations.

1992-1992 Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) - Research Engineer Bangalore, India

EDUCATION BS in Computer Science, First Class

MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology (MSRIT), Bangalore, India

Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

KEY PUBLICATIONS Sun Reference Architecture for Oracle 11g Grid – Sun Reference Architecture

Optimizing Oracle's Siebel Applications on Sun Fire Servers with CoolThreads Technology – A Sun Blueprint

Transitioning Oracle E-Business Suite to the Maximum Availability Architecture on the Solaris Operating System – An Oracle Whitepaper

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